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Dear NZDG members -

It is over 2 months since your current board was elected, and a good time to let you know what we are up to. It will likely be some months before the fruits of some of these efforts are visible.

GROWTH OF THE GAME: The board has formally resolved that NZDG will support and encourage the growth of disc golf in New Zealand. A simple statement, but it informs much of what we do.

The game has entered a phase of rapid growth. For now, growth seems to be uneven geographically (for example it seems to be higher in parts of the South Island than in the North). But many parts of the country, on both islands, are seeing rates of growth that are noticeably higher than in previous years and decades.

The board believes that the main way to grow the game is to install accessible courses close to where people live. Forming a local club as an incorporated society is a good first step towards this. Please talk to the NZDG board if you need help or guidance in forming a club or growing the game where you live.

Tournament attendance is a lagging indicator of growth. For each NZDG member, there appear to be about 50 recreational players.

CONSTITUTION: The NZDG constitution will be re-written. The board has held its first meeting to decide the main elements of the re-write, and has formed a working group to work on the details. When ready and approved by the board, the revised constitution will be put to members for approval at a General Meeting. We will keep members informed of how we are re-writing the constitution, so that you may feed back your comments and input to us.

WEBSITE: A working group has been formed to improve the NZDG website. While nothing will be taken away from the current website, we hope to establish a gateway to all kinds of information about disc golf in New Zealand.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: We expect to write a conflict of interest policy. Many issues have to do with flows of privileged information, which the board needs to ensure do not give unfair advantage.

THE TOUR: In the past 15 months, at least 4 tournaments have been over-subscribed. It is only a matter of time before the same happens to other tournaments, unless clubs and tournament directors are prepared. Please plan for growth in player numbers beyond past capacity. A special feature of New Zealand tournaments is the ready welcome we give to new and recreational players. If the answer is to turn away these players, I suggest the question was not a good one. There are good overseas examples of how to accommodate higher numbers of players at tournaments.

The NZDG board would like to see tournaments announced a year in advance, if possible (e.g. the next year's date is announced at each tournament). This benefits players who need to plan their travel and leave, well in advance.

A number of clubs and tournament directors are not up to date with payment of tournament fees to NZDG. You know who you are - please get it sorted.

The board expect shortly to discuss longer term views of the NZ tour, including our aspirations for the future.

NON-EXECUTIVES: The board would like to thank their non-executive members for their dedication and largely invisible hard work. Currently these are Simon Feasey (PDGA rep for NZ), Mario Cerniar (Membership Secretary), and Chris Rae (Website Consultant). As the NZDG board is a strictly limited resource being the spare time of 6 elected members), we expect to expand the number of non-executives in future, especially to support growth of the game. If you have relevant expertise and time available, please feel free to contact us,

rather than waiting to be asked.

TOURING OVERSEAS: For several years, the board has given modest financial support (on a case by case basis) to NZDG members who travel to tournaments. We are reviewing and articulating this player sponsorship policy for publication on our website.

Our best wishes to Sam Hulbe Pulver (currently playing in the PDGA Junior World Champs in Emporia, Kansas) and to Jenny Joynt and Haydn Shore (who are about to leave for the PDGA Amateur World Champs in York, Pennsylvania). Also our congratulations to Chris Sinai for representing NZ at the PDGA Professional Masters World Champs in Jeffersonville, Vermont, and to Brady Kuech for doing the same at the PDGA US Amateur World Champ in Milford, Michigan. We are sure they are all great ambassadors for NZ.

We look forward to the support of all members as we grow the game.

Paul Deacon, Chairman

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