The New Zealand Disc Golf Association (NZDG) is the national and governing body of the sport.

We are an incorporated not-for-profit society.  Directors and Non-Executives are unpaid volunteers.


We have some 400 active Members (and growing).  Membership is granted to disc golfers who play in sanctioned NZ tournaments.


There are an estimated 20,000 recreational disc golfers in New Zealand (also growing).  There are some 46 disc golf courses in the country.


NZDG is affiliated to two international bodies, the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF).  In turn, the 18 local disc golf clubs in New Zealand are affiliated to NZDG.

NZDG Board of Directors

Meet the team.


Allen Gorthy


Longtime disc golfer from Oregon, Allen has been playing in New Zealand for the past 7 years. The first half of that time in Cromwell. Enjoying the great courses around Central Otago and friendly players. The other half in the Auckland area. He and his partner currently live on Waiheke Island. When not throwing discs, he works as a Farmer growing, grapes, olives, and market vegetables..

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Chris Dickson
Deputy Chairman

Chris moved to Queenstown from Revelstoke, BC, in 2009 with his Kiwi partner and after their first child was born he found the game he'd seen nearly 30 years prior, being played just down the road from his home. From that point on it was a regular occurrence to see him pushing a pram around the gardens with some of the usual QT suspects. 

Chris Says, "Our game is growing at such a fast pace, and with a 7 year old son now joining the tour, I wanted to get involved to future-proof certain aspects for him and other players."

"I look forward to working with our new board and the members as we do our best to plan and develop our game in a manner that is sustainable and fun."

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Roberts Krastins

Tour Director

Roberts is an avid disc golfer from Latvia. He has been based in Queenstown for the past 5 years where he discovered disc golf and has been playing ever since.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the

NZDG Tour - you can reach

him at the link below.

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Chris Davies Final1.jpg
Chris Davies
Communications Director

Born and raised in Christchurch, Chris taught skiing and paragliding in Queenstown where he became addicted to Frisbee golf beginning in December 1988, throwing an NZ-made Ultimate disc. He helped install the country’s first official DGC there in 1996. Moving back to Christchurch in 2000 for a diploma and a decade of IT and international Account Management work, he then joined long-time friend Martin Galley as partner in Vortica Disc Golf in 2013. Subsequently he designed and installed multiple courses in Christchurch City (Otautahi) and regularly writes NZ’s only instructional disc golf blog.

He's hosted countless NZDG Tour events and assisted with many others.

These days his main goal in disc golf is teaching, but he is also committed to continue working hard for the overall future of disc golf in NZ.

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Liene Krastina
Chris Mance
Outreach Director

Bio to come.

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Meet the team.

Mario Cerniar
Membership Secretary

Hails from Switzerland, but mostly calls NZ his home. A long time top level competitor on the NZDG tour 

and the brains behind our tour points scoring system

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SimonFeasey and sculpture basket.jpg

Simon Feasey


Simon lives at Bella Rakha with his wife Yvette and two girls Talia and Caitlin. Simon started playing Disc Golf in 1999 and fell in love with the game. In 2000 he was involved in starting the NZDG tour and remained on the NZDG board until 2019. Over the past 20 years Simon has played competitive disc golf both nationally and internationally, represented the Flying kiwis and attending many pro PDGA sanctioned events.


Simon is the cofounder of RPM Discs and several years ago took on the role as the NZ PDGA representative.  

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Open Position

Website Consultant


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Working groups

From time to time, the New Zealand Disc Golf Board sets up various 'Working Groups' to work on projects and then to report back to the board. 
** The board would like to invite our members to take part in relevant working groups. Please contact our Communications Director, Chris Davies if you are interested!

In November of 2021 we have formed the following working groups:

1. Outreach Working Group

Chris Mance, Chris Davies

- Ongoing

2. Tour Working Group

Roberts Krastins, Allen Gorthy, Chris Davies

- Ongoing

3. Fundraising Working Group

Mat Prichard, Allen Gorthy

- Ongoing

4. Medical Working Group

Brian Stout, Nicola Stout, Allen Gorthy

- Ongoing

5. Membership Working Group

Liena Krastina

- Ongoing

6. Sponsorship Working Group

Allen Gorthy + interested members

- Ongoing