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Dear NZDG members -

New Zealand confirmed its first case of coronavirus on 28th February. There is as yet no confirmed community spread of the disease in New Zealand, and authorities are taking appropriate steps to contain it. There is thus no cause for alarm. However, given the rapid spread of the disease internationally, a wider outbreak of COVID-19 in New Zealand is a realistic possibility in future, for which we can prepare now.

For your health, and to sustain the game safely, we recommend when playing:

1. STAY AWAY IF SICK. Use the phone, stay at home.

2. HANDS: Wash your hands before and after playing with soap and water or an alcohol based rub.

3. EQUIPMENT: Do not touch other players discs or equipment. Use only your own. Avoid/minimise touching baskets/chains.

4. SOCIAL DISTANCE: Do not shake hands or kiss cheeks. Maintain 2 metres distance from other players.

5. COUGHING/SNEEZING: Cough or sneeze into a clean tissue or into the crook of your elbow.

6. TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS: Ask your players to follow these recommendations.

7. VENDORS: Ask your customers to use hand sanitiser before handling discs and equipment.

8. OTHERS: Alert other players to these recommendations.

This advice does not supersede advice and instructions from government and health authorities, which should be followed.

Would local disc golf clubs please spread the word.

Paul Deacon

Chairman, New Zealand Disc Golf Association Incorporated

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