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NZDG Tour events, COVID 19, and the Traffic Light System

Tēnā koutou – greetings to everyone. Changes are taking place to where Kiwis may go, and how they congregate. The changes are temporary, but New Zealand Disc Golf Tour events will remain affected for some time to come. December 3rd sees New Zealand adopt the COVID 19 Traffic Light system. Details of the system are below. Please familiarize yourself with the new rules:

Most importantly, Red regions may host outdoor events for up to 100 vaccinated people, provided 1-metre of physical distancing is observed, and vaccination certificates are used. In Green regions outdoor events exceeding 100 people will require vaccination certificates. The board encourages all members to obtain their personal vaccine pass from the official NZ Government website, below:

New Zealand Disc Golf requires tournaments held under its sanctioning comply with all upcoming Traffic Light rules, and responsibility for inspection of competitors’ vaccination certificates will fall on individual Tournament Directors. Vaccine passes will be checked using the official application, provided by the Ministry of Health:

NZDG takes the new rules seriously, but is not responsible for enforcing them. We expect tournament directors to fully comply with the new system. Any events that are found in violation of the rules are potential subject to legal consequences.

If you have any questions about how the new Traffic Light system will affect a Tournament near you, please refer to the colour of the region, and the rules for that colour, found above.

Enjoy yourselves – Kia pārekareka!

The NZDG Board

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