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Invitation to tender for NZDG Tour scoring system update


The New Zealand Disc Golf Association (NZDG) is the national and governing body of the sport of disc golf in New Zealand. We are an incorporated not-for-profit society.

We are seeking bid submissions for a scoring platform that is able to be linked to our current website. This is currently being hosted on a separate website - Our website is built using the WIX platform and the scoring platform would ideally be a tab as part of the website.

We are looking for quotes from programmers or businesses able to add the following functionality:

Desired functionality

  1. Score keeping function for NZDG Tour events - ability to load tour event scores in .csv file format exported from PDGA Tournament Manager

  2. Data editing function - ability to edit the event/player database

  3. Data export function - ability to export data in spreadsheet format

  4. Tour point calculation function - after scores for an event are loaded the tour points should calculate automatically for each player based on the division they played in the event. According to the NZDG Tour Policy - Tour points = 1 + (max tour points -1) x (number of players - player’s ranking) / (player count -1)

  5. Event results and tour points display function - ability to show event results by division that show placing in the event and how many tour points each player has earned for that event

  6. Tour standings functionality - ability to track players’ accumulated tour points for the season in each division and show standings based on NZDG Tour Policy

  7. Player entering multiple divisions function - ability to correctly calculate points for a player that has played events in different divisions (points go towards placing in each division separately)

  8. Ability to have the divisions split into groups and calculate points separately for each group

  9. Player profiles that show a summary of results for the season, see historical data from previous seasons

Tender process

Please submit a quote with the services you are able to provide to NZDG Secretary Liene Krastina at . All quotes to include any GST and be submitted in NZ dollars. All quotes will include an estimated deliverable completion timeframe. The deadline for submissions is November 19th 2021. Please reach out to the Tour Director Roberts Krastins at for any questions you might have regarding the desired functionality or NZDG Tour policy. All bids will be kept confidential. All submitting entities will be notified of their bid outcome as soon as a decision is made from the NZDG Board of directors.

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