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MDG Media New Zealand Disc Golf Tour

Dear NZ Disc Golf Community,

As NZDG moves forward, we look to increasingly take ownership of the three major tournaments on the New Zealand Disc Golf Tour; The North Island Championship, The South Island Championship, and The NZDG Nationals. As part of that ownership initiative, we are establishing a NZDG TD Fund and $500 Media Grants to ease the financial pressures placed on TDs who seek to raise the bar of their events, especially with regards to media coverage.

As a way to kick off the 2023 Major Season, NZDG is awarding four media grants to MDG Media for their lead card coverage at each of the 2023 NZDG Majors. In addition to the filmed rounds for three marquee events, MDG Media will be creating a yet to be named New Zealand Disc Golf Documentary. We can't be more excited to support their great work.

If you’d like to be involved in this project, or have topics, locations, and/or players you’d like to see featured as a part of this documentary please contact Keith Inwood ( or Sven (

We look forward to raising the bar at the NZDG Majors and bringing more eyes to our events through these media grants.


-Brady Kuech


New Zealand Disc Golf

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