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NZDG Tour Scoring Groups

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Version 1.3 07/08/2022


New scoring groups are being implemented to allow Tournament Directors & Players some clarification on what layouts and divisions will offer moving forward. The purpose of splitting divisions up into new groups is to allow a skill based points scoring system, rather than everyone playing for the same allotment of 40/50/60 points and potentially on different layouts.

All divisions playing on alternative layouts must fall under the same points scoring group. An example of this is, if you have B tee’s in which Juniors are playing off then all respective divisions in that scoring group must be playing off the B tees as well.

The new scoring groups are as follows.

Group 1 - MPO / MP40

Group 2 - MA1 / FPO

Group 3 - MA2 / MA40 / MA50

Group 4 - MA60 / FA1* / FA40 / FA50 / FA60 / Juniors / Legends

NZDG Now recognizes MP40 & MA2 as their own respective divisions, MA3 & MA4 divisions

will earn points towards the MA2 Standings. Same goes for FA2, FA3 & FA4 going towards the FA1 standings.

The new national points system is almost ready to launch and provided there are no more hold ups with it we can have up to date points and standings moving forward.

Player classification:

Players are classified by the division they play in the tournament. E.g. If a Grandmasters player plays a tour event in the Masters division then their tour points are calculated towards their placing in the Masters division for the NZDG Tour).

Only if a division is not available at an event - A player can play for tour points in another

division if agreed with the Tour Director (by email prior to the start of the event. (e.g. a MP40 is not available, but MPO is. The player can coordinate with the Tour Director before the event to make sure their gained Tour points count towards the MP40 division and they can play the event in the MPO) Both divisions have be within the same scoring group.

*If FA1 or Female aged division, isn’t an available division at an event for whatever reason, all efforts will be made to move the tour points earned from playing FPO to what they would’ve been had they played FA1. This and all point carry overs are in the end, at the NZDG Tour Directors discretion.

Braydan Marsden

Tour Director


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