NZDG Board Candidacy Letters for Elections ending at the start of the SGM at 7pm on 11 August 2022

NZDG Board Candidates and the roles they are standing for:


Brady Kuech - Nominated by Jack Ryan seconded by Chris Corbyn

Leon Botha - Nominated by Jonny Ferrari seconded by Andrew Falconer


Chris Van Rensburg - Nominated by Leon Botha seconded by Andrew Falconer


Keith Inwood - Nominated by Simon Feasey seconded by Leon Botha

Brady Kuech Chairperson Candidacy Letter
Download PDF • 216KB
Leon Botha Chairperson Candidacy Letter
Download PDF • 283KB
Keith Inwood Secretary Candidacy Letter
Download PDF • 227KB
Chris van Rensburg Treasurer Candidacy Letter
Download PDF • 23KB

Conflict of Interest Register:

Conflict of Interest Register
Download PDF • 492KB

(SGM Agenda will be published soon)

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