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NZDG Marquee Tour Event Policy around Vendors

To: Tournament Directors, Vendors and Members

The Board of NZDG has agreed the following policy for all NZDG marquee tour events to take effect immediately.

Marquee tour events are currently the New Zealand National Championships, the North Island Championships, the South Island Championships, and the end-of-tour Matchplay event.

(i) All disc golf vendors, retailers and re-sellers shall be allowed equal and fair access to NZDG marquee tour events for the purposes of displaying and selling their wares (should they so wish).

(ii) This does not preclude sponsorship of any NZDG marquee tour event by any disc golf vendor, retailer or re-seller, including naming rights.

(iii) No disc golf vendor, retailer or re-seller may be excluded from any NZDG marquee tour event without the approval of the Board of NZDG.

(iv) NZDG and its Board reserve the right to exclude any disc golf vendor, retailer or re-seller from any NZDG marquee tour event if there are good reasons to do so (which reasons shall be clearly communicated). Such exclusion extends to sponsorship. We expect exclusions to be rare, and any related process to be open and transparent.

Paul Deacon Chairman, New Zealand Disc Golf Association Incorporated

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