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New Zealand Disc Golf Association Incorporated Special General Meeting

Date: Saturday 17th October 2020

Time: 6pm

Venue: Poppies Café Function Room, 1 Benmore Place, Twizel 7901


(a) Introductory remarks.

Introduced by Paul Deacon, how the Special General Meeting will run.

Roles for the meeting are:

Paul Deacon to lead as Chair

Chris Smith (Outreach Director) to tally the electronic and paper votes

Martin Galley (Tour Director / Secretary) to take the minutes

(b) Thanks.

Formal greetings from the Chair.

(c) From the floor voting for two vacant board director positions.

(d) Counting and announcing of votes by Chris Smith.

(e) Consideration of any general or other business item.

(f) Meeting closure.

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