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NZDG Board Candidates Manifestos 2020

Updated: May 12

NZDG 2020 Board Candidates and the roles they are standing for:


Paul Deacon - Nominated by Jennifer Liew, seconded by Cameron Hubbard

Allen Gorthy - Nominated by Hemi Te Awhitu, seconded by Logan Gillard

Deputy Chair

Jeremy Hawkes - Nominated by Morgan Harteveld, seconded by Jonny Ferrari


Woody Riley - Nominated by Mike Foley, seconded by Mike Riley

Tour Director

Martin Galley - Nominated by Simon Feasey, seconded by Tom Mackay

Brady Kuech - Nominated by Roger Alborough, seconded by David Rose

Outreach Director

Chris Smith - Nominated by Willie Te Ratana, seconded by David Rose

Paul Deacon_NZDG Election Manifestopdf

Allen Gorthy NZDG Election Mainfestopdf

Woody Riley_NZDG Election Manifestopdf

Jem Hawkes_NZDG Election Manifesto pdf

Martin Galley_NZDG Election Manifesto1p

Brady's 2020 Manifestopdf

Chris Smith NZDG Election Manifestopdf

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