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NZDG Major Tour Event 24/25 Application Template

Dear Prospective Bidder,

Thank you for your interest in hosting a New Zealand Disc Golf Major Event for the 2024/25 season. We have created this template to assist you in presenting your case for hosting one of New Zealand’s top disc golf events.

In order for NZDG to make the most informed decision on selecting tour majors, it is crucial that your bid contains as much information as possible. [Required] prompts are key sections that are vital for your proposal for hosting a major. [Helpful] prompts are sections that will strengthen your proposal but may not be known in detail at this stage of the process.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION = 5pm on 7th April 2024

What to include in your application:

  1. Proposal (you may use this template as a guide) 

  2. Initial budget spreadsheet 

  3. Any other information that would support your application

To be submitted by email to and cc’d to

Communication is a critical feature - NZDG wants to support you to help put on a great event and to help iron out any difficulties. Hosting a major event is a great opportunity but requires a lot of effort. Feel free to reach out at any stage of the process - right from your application to wrapping up your event.

Major(s) applying for: NZDG National Championships, North Island Championships and South Island Championships. [Required]

Preferred Event Dates and Location: [Required]

NZDG National Championships are typically on Waitangi weekend if possible. North and South Island events have more leniency, but are typically not early in the season (October onwards).

PDGA Tier Level: [Required]

Tournament Director(s): [Required]

Please include previous experience organising and/or officiating disc golf tournaments.

Tournament Organising Committee: [Helpful]

Please outline each committee member’s role if designated and list any additional tournament rules officials. Previous experience of committee members in running disc golf tournaments is helpful additional information. 

Player Capacity: [Required]

Briefly explain why this capacity is chosen. E.g. 220 players. We will be using two courses. Sunlight hours allow for a 110 player capacity on each course using tee times.

Course(s): [Required]

Which disc golf course(s) do you plan to play the event on. Further information on the course(s) (or perhaps a link to) is helpful additional information. Will there be sufficient parking for players?

Tournament Format: [Required]

How many rounds will be played and on which days? Shotgun start or tee times?

Layout(s): [Helpful]

Some courses have multiple different layouts (different tees, different baskets etc.) Which layouts will you be playing and in the case of multiple layouts being played, which divisions are playing off which layouts?

Officiating/Tournament Rules: [Helpful]

How will the PDGA rules be upheld? Will officials and marshals be used?

Sponsorship: [Helpful]

A huge part of running a successful event is having many sponsorships/partnerships with local and international organisations. This is particularly important with higher tiered events with greater cash payouts. What are your planned cash payout and sponsorship goals and how do you plan to get there?

Budgeting: [Helpful]

Who will be getting paid, what they will be getting paid for. This is increasingly an important consideration in events. 

Registration: [Required]

What is your planned way of organising entries? We recommend using Disc Golf Scene. What are your planned registration fees?

Communication: [Helpful]

Fantastic events require fantastic communication. What vessels will be regularly updated with event information? E.g. Email, DiscGolfScene, Website, Social Media. 

Coverage (i.e. film/photography): [Helpful]

What kind of media coverage are you anticipating and how does this benefit your tournament?

Accommodation Options: [Required]

Are you offering any on site accommodation? Are there reasonable accommodation options within a reasonable drive?

Catering: [Helpful]

Will the tournament be offering catering? Typically tournaments provide a lunch option for tournament days. Will there be any food/drink vendors on site or nearby?

Player Meeting/Check in: [Helpful]

How will you do a players’ meeting (online or in person before the event)? How will you check in players to receive their players pack/any information required?

Non-Disc Golf Events: [Helpful]

Are you planning to organise any events outside of playing disc golf and if so what are they? E.g. Players party/dinner, doubles, putting competitions, distance competitions etc.

Venue: [Required]

What are the capabilities of the venue? Are there toilets on site? Will there be sufficient parking for players?

Warm up/Practice: [Helpful]

Will you have practice putting baskets and driving areas (important if the tournament is using tee times)? How much prior to the event will the courses be available in tournament layout to play?(must be available at least a day prior to the event).

Health and Safety: [Required]

What are your plans for creating a safe event? A comprehensive health and safety plan will be essential for the event.

Awards: [Helpful]

What awards are you planning to give? Limited to winners, or other categories as well (i.e. Ace pot, CTP, most improved round score)

Further important considerations can include:

  • Tikanga Māori. 

  • Applications for NZDG grants. (TD, media, growth funds) 

  • Use of NZDG affiliation to secure funding from charities and other entities.

  • Association with club(s) to share the workload.

You may not need to have all of these aspects covered at this stage. This is a guideline to get things started. 

We know this is a big document and that running a major event is a big undertaking. If at any point you have questions you can reach out to NZDG initially at these email addresses:,,

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